Friday, December 2

"A dangerous method" by David Cronenberg

"A dangerous method" bring us with a beautiful soundtrack the story of Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley), a young perturbed mind to the hands of Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) in a psychiatric hospital. Jung pretends to treat her with psychoanalysis, the movement Freud (Viggo Mortensen) initiated as a theory, believing also that repression of sexual nature are of utmost importance when treating and perceiving mental problems. Sabina appears grotesque before the audience, don't really know if she exaggerated in her performance, because it went a bit out of boundaries at first, yet demonstrated that a mind by itself cannot impede obscurity and devious behaviors that nowadays doesn't frighten us but we are in a different age altogether. Jung while tries to cure Miss Spierlrein, also form a tight relationship with the great Freud, as his pupil, yet their beliefs at the end diverge on the matter that Jung believes that there is more to it than just sexual behavior. However, as a kind of atonement he goes through that pathway without realizing it. Despite quarrels between Jung and Freud, Sabina maintains her life steady despite her excitement with sadomasochism treatment. She is so devoted because of her "disease" that she enrolls in medicine and psychiatry, later moving herself to Russia (her origin), where she is killed in the WWII by the nazis. Freud being a jew is exiled to London, where dies of cancer (83 year-old), while Jung lives to his 85th birthday installing the analytical psychology.
In the end we have a film with a really beautiful scenario between Austria and Switzerland, a cold Jung, an introspective Freud and a less deprived Sabina, a woman that despite her peculiarities changes her world and the ones around her, her strength is admirable in such an époque! Good job cast, though I'm not sure if the grotesque was not pretty near the ridicule.
A film to enjoy indeed! There is no black and white in the human mind and behaviour!

Thursday, November 10

Gran Torino (2008) by Clint Eastwood

Gran Torino was one of those films I wanted to see because of the fuzz, but at the same time I didn't know what appropriate time to see it since I anticipated bloodshed and all of those stuff. In fact I couldn't be more wrong and it's one of my last seen movies that I've kept very dear in my heart, not only tells a great story but shows raw reality. Clint Eastwood plays the role of Walt Kowalski, a retired veteran from the Vietnamese War, who lives alone after his wife's death, estranged to his sons because of his not so friendly manners, estranged to their neighbours because he is mainly a racist who cannot tolerate the asians that took over the neighborhood. But this is just like peeling an onion, there are too many layers, and we discover a character impossible to love though it's grumpy and stubborn as hell. And the story develops as his friendship develops with the asians, something rather impossible at the begging of the story...and so it turns into endearing moments, nonetheless with some brutal reality, but most of all of respect, of love.
It is a great movie with a character who has the necessary grit to make the difference when difference cannot be achieved in the usual way. Great performance by Clint Eastwood!!! And great song at the end!!!

50/50 by Jonathan Levine

Like a beautiful rose that has its awful thorns, life itself is not to be granted. At least is what we all think when we are young, that we have a full and long life ahead of us, even if  life goes faster than a bullet. This was what Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levittthought as well, a back pain is a back pain... no more.... This 27-year-old discovers however that cancer has no age, no race, no time or space ideal to appear, it just does...and so he has 50% of survival because it is a rare cancer nonetheless. But beware this is not a drama, it has its moments for sure, but fits perfectly in a dramocomedian type where friendship, parents, girlfriend are exposed to the new reality and feelings are perfectly drawn out of the screen to be perceived and the reality can be as exasperating as numb. And yes life is a bitch but it can also bring us all together in the worst the worst of times we are remembered of what we are, where we came from, where are we going and most of all who stands beside us. No matter what end befalls into this young man he is wide awaken to the world. We all are living our lives in obscurity like puppets, sometimes not realizing the bigger picture, the gift and bitch life can be.
The picture is quite well portrayed not only by the lead character but by his buddy Kyle (Seth Rogen), his analyst (Anna Kendrick) and his mother (Anjelica Huston).
The great about the movie is that it won't make us sad all through because it has so great laughable moments that equilibrates the 50/50, it's hard to digest because it's real, life is like this...we try to smile and think it's all ok, saying it so many times so that in the end is true, but will it???

"Adam: See, but... that's bullshit. That's what everyone has been telling me since the beginning. "Oh, you're gonna be okay," and "Oh, everything's fine," and like, it's not... It makes it worse... that no one will just come out and say it. Like, "hey man, you're gonna die." "

Monday, September 19

"Midnight in Paris" by Woody Allen

Midnight in Paris is the latest film of Woody Allen, the 6th film filmed in Europe, after 4 films in England and one in Barcelona. Woody Allen writes almost about the same thing over and over, but in the end most films surprise us by that glimpse of geniality that he is so very capable of. It is not only in the core of relationships and their development over problems that entice us... is even more how life can turn out to be a real surprise. The story of this one goes more or less like this: a bored Hollywood screenwriter decides he will become a real writer, of books, of novels, and is interpreted by Owen Wilson, which by the way is to be married to Rachel McAdams character, a typical republican spoiled American whose parents have lots of money.  Paris is only a place for business, maybe buying some cheap stuff, but oh no, not mingling with the Parisians or their strange life style. Well Owen Wilson's character, Gil, doesn’t think that, he represents the opposite, he falls to his knees for Paris and for all in it, and he wanders the city wishing to have lived between the artists in the 20s. Well, while her fiancée is keen to be passing time with a snobbish know-it-all American, Gil wanders and founds himself between 2 worlds, the real and the past, and the past is helping him figure out the present, his novel, his career, his life. He encounters characters that he would imagine only in his dreams: Ernest Hemingway, Cole Porter, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Dalí and so many that were present in Paris in the 20s. The characterization of all is pretty good with some nice gags. Well, Woody Allen always turn everything upside down...but in this one it revealed a more philosophical way, passing a little bit the relationships theme to a more personal one. Are we content with our époque? Don’t we wish all to live in better times? In the past? That’s obviously part of a human thing to fear the present and the future on the verge of not being able to perfect it more than others we look into the past and wish it to be present, forgetting all the wrongs and being able to look just the goods. Well it’s idyllic for sure, but it’s human...It is indeed a pity that most of the potential of people is lost wandering in the past while we could change and build a better future.

The film is indeed worthwhile seeing, it has Paris, good actors, good scenes, hilarious events, and most of all a good lesson to be assimilated. I can say that he brought an almost master piece here.

Gil: That's what the present is. It's a little unsatisfying because life is unsatisfying. “

Best July 2011 film - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 the great winner :PPPPP

Saturday, July 23

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" by David Yates

I  cannot begin to write words because I am speechless...not because of the film... the one where it all definitely is breathless because I am breathless. The film is definitely powerful!!! It is full of emotions, rewrites history in a way only J K Rowling knew how to do it. The final battle is tough, is war, but it is also endearing, and caring and full of love, and above all of matter how our fate is written we have always a say in that. We are above sayings and  ideas of prejudice, we are above ourselves and we can amaze even our soul by upbringing the forces we never knew we had. How comforting it is to know that truth and good and evil is not so straightforward as one might think. I became breathless not because of the film but because I couldn't care less for the special effects or performances, though there were great ones like Alan Rickman, Michael Gambon, and even the little ones....I was just becoming sad every second until the end because my youth vanished.... I read every book from 1998 until the last one was published in 2007, 9 years of reading, and 10 years of movies...and all ended this july....

I loved it and that's the best review I can make...I did not cry out but I cried inside from all the lost it brings, for all the joy, for all the moments of anguish and excitement, of living in a special world in those pages/frames...There won't be a substitute for this for I lived this through my growth and that something that I won't forget and will be with me forever.

I cannot say much more, but though my heart is full of sorrow and nostalgy, it endures and smile for such a nice past.

Wednesday, July 6

June film Poll

And the winner is X-Men : First Class :)
Hope you've all seen the film it's worth it!!!!!!!

Monday, July 4

"Kung Fu Panda 2" by Jennifer Yuh

After the amazing Kung Fu Panda of 2008, here it comes its sequel with a new villain , none other than Gary Oldman's white peacock. The animation movie is clearly more dark and more focused in the potential background of Po's story, of course his father could not be a goose, pandas were killed because of a prophecy and he was the sole survivor. The past is told in flashes in some extraordinary way, I loved the graphics, it made me remember how one tale was told in "Harry Potter and the Death Hallows 1". It's not a novelty so it's not at first very exhilarating, because they have to take down the peacock because he has a weapon that can kill kung fu forever, however, the story is fluid and with some very funny parts, including the fact that the bad guy is funny even being so evil (well he is kind of misunderstood, he has the pride of a peacock anyhow), and Po is Po with some slow mental and action problems, despite that he has what it takes to be the dragon warrior and most important to achieve inner peace. The film does not disappoint as sequels always do, however very interesting I wonder how many good stories they will find...

Beware my friends, for there'll be a 3 for sure!

Sunday, June 26

"X-Men: First Class" by Matthew Vaughn

Mattew Vaughn known as the director of the recent fuzz "Kick-Ass", and also of "Stardust" had the honour to direct a prequel to all X-Men films made by now. I say this film is fundamental to truly understand everything about Professor X vs Magneto. I've always liked this Marvel Comics characters but never followed, so I knew very little before visualising the film. The story begins telling  Erik Lehnsherr's story (later called Magneto) and then we are back to the 60's and understanding how the so called mutants begun to have public action, intermediated by an agent of the CIA. It so interesting to see that they are mangled with real historical events. A school is created by Charles Xavier who is a geneticist as a result of his interest in his own mutation. Xavier is portrayed by Charles McAvoy beautifully, we seed a jolly good fellow, a young man with normal behaviour attending school and drinking in the pubs, living a real life. He never intended to use his gift to harm humankind but he never was exposed by his mutation, on the contrary Raven (later called Mystique) had to deal with her appearance in the same way a teenager as to deal with their hormonal and bodily changes, but they remained good friends even though. So mutants feared to be exposed and were ashamed or seeked revenge. It's on seeking extinction of the non-mutants that a guy named Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) appears at the scene trying to have a WWIII by manipulation of Russia's and USA's missiles. It's here the young mutants go into battle to try to stop that. 
This is the general plot but the main important thing is Magneto life's story and how he became so close to Xavier, forming a bond that later, even being enemies, there's some part of them that are always meant to be together. It's no mystery that Xavier preferred to stayed at the humans side because he believed in the best of people. And I guess that's the characteristic we have always enjoyed about him, though sometimes hurt his faith and perseverance is undeniable.  
The film has everything to be liked, excellent actor, McAvoy and Fassbender are at the top (is there any language  he doesn't speak?) but all the cast is very well chosen and the story is very credible like it could really had been so...And all the answers are there, tender moments, doubt moments, moments that changed all X-Men history and more important that shaped Xavier as he is "today" with his school with all his students, even if Magneto left him because his suffering cannot let him go. If Magneto is what he is, he owns that do Xavier and that's why they'll never be apart.
I enjoyed so much the movie, but I don't have the background to keep telling nice stuff.

I just loved it:P

"Professor Charles Xavier: Listen to me very carefully, my friend: Killing will not bring you peace.
Erik Lehnsherr: Peace was never an option. "

"Erik Lehnsherr: This is what they wanted, for us to turn against each other. I tried to warn you.
[turns to Moira]
Erik Lehnsherr: You did this.
Professor Charles Xavier: No Erik, you did.
Erik Lehnsherr: I want you by my side. We're brothers, all of us. We want the same thing.
Professor Charles Xavier: Oh my friend, we do not" 

"The Tree of Life" by Terrence Malick

By far the most beautiful film I've seen lately. Malick is a supreme master that show us an enthralling visually beautiful mixture of 2 types of stories that complement each other. One is the birth of life and the other life itself as a human being, from birth to death passing through all the obstacles. As it is said in the film "There are two ways through life: the way of nature, and the way of Grace. You have to choose which one you'll follow." This is a nice statement that defines the family in cause, the father more rude and authoritarian tries to make his three children Men in the chaos of life, while the mother is more gracious and wants to teach the beauty of life through love. An so she says "The only way to be happy is to love. Unless you love, your life will flash by."
Life is hard, and from the beginning of the film we know one of their sons is dead at the age of 19, a tragedy for both parents and brothers. But more so, a question of existence and acceptance arises for all the family to accomplish grief and to forgive the way of life or the way of God. The elder brother after many years passed  still holds on grief reflecting on the past and the way his father treat them, the anger he felt when he was little, how he wanted to be more as his mother, as was the brother who died. He knows in his heart that it was preferable if it was him to die, people will miss him less, and he blames himself for it.
So, the film is about the journey, the lost moments, the prospects, the battle between grace and life, the battle between forgiveness and resentment, between anger and peace. It has so much we have or will dealt in past/future... because life is a tree, branching, even when it's cut, searching for new life, for new space to be alive and nurtured by grace. 

Malick made a terrific job, the actors are mere images of a whole picture bigger than life.

"The Eagle" by Kevin Macdonald

Kevin MacDonald, well known for "The Last King of Scotland", brought us an historic film about the loss of the ninth legion and with so their banner and the honour of Rome.
For the archives, the ninth eagle was lost by the father of Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum), and for that reason son seeks to clean his father name by employing a journey to rescue the eagle, even if he does not know where it is, perhaps at north very north of Adrian's wall.The journey is only possible with the help of his Briton slave Esca (Jamie Bell, very good in his role) who knows the terrain and the language of the people behind the wall namely the Picts, which are very nicely portrayed in terms of make-up and wardrobe.
The scenes of battle are very quick so I don't know if they look very convincing but the scenery (landscapes, mountains and rivers), and the companionship between the two is admirable. More so doing a film without a love triangle. Friendship though in opposite sides appears, and honour, bravery and camaraderie is the unit of the film. Two strangers bound to the same faith. Beautiful though not very thrilling.

"Scott Pilgrim vs. the World " by Edgar Wright (2010)

I saw this film because I have friends that loved it, and I was intrigued... and that was how I stayed n the end also....Intrigued!!!

Scott Pilgrim is a graphical novel by the Canadian Bryan Lee O'Malley. The story is a bit surreal, but well... it's supposed to be...Scott is a lazy guy whose only thing in his life is playing guitar in the band " Sex Bob-omb". He soon falls in love with an american girl named Ramona Flowers, but to have her he has to defeat her 7 ex-boyfriends...did I say they were all evil, yes they are, and have powers, strange ones obviously :P
Michael Cera, yes that guy of "Juno", and "Arrested Development" is Scott, the perfect choice for this character since his face is of a procrastinating, lazy and depressed guy, but also youngish. I can't say much to try not to spoil, but the film is quite amusing when we see that all boundaries are off, this not a real story, but at a same time does not have the pretence of being an heroic film so that's refreshing and entertaining and it amuses enough to stick on your mind. If you think this is for geeks you're wrong!!!

I can't help but to praise the minor roles of Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick,Brandon Routh, and Jason Schwartzman that made the film more credible and amazing.

"The Beaver" by Jodie Foster

"The Beaver" is not a strange story, people are getting into depression and lethargic stages more than in the preceding century, not because things are worse, but because we lost our ability to talk, to resolve our problems facing them without fear and with our heads up, we lost our ability to move on, we stick to bad things too much, we can't let go and we accumulate too much pressure being of work, family, friends, ourselves...the world is a conniving bitch theses days and we stand so hard to survive...
This film directed by the 2 Oscar awarded actress Jodie Foster tells us a story of a family in which the parent (Mel Gibson) has acute depression, so profound he stays almost catatonic...but when this continues Jodie's character has no more to do than to throw him out to protect their sons from his madness. He thinks he is a failure, his father built a toy company and he is just in his shoes by inheritance..he is not fulfilled, but he does not know what he wants now, depression talks for him anyway....
Change occurs when he finds a lost toy, a stuffed beaver and decide to keep him, and while in a very threaten situation, the puppet comes to life in his bare hand, as a real puppet, an advisor, an incentive to life and creation, and from now on he learns to live again, he conquers most of his family, except his older sun, who's objective is to eliminate everything similar to this father so that madness cannot befall on him. 
Everything tends to the better, because the beaver restored his self-esteem, but everything comes to a price, and at a certain point the puppet must leave...but how when is intrinsic to his soul and body. Catharsis happens and never will be the same.

Mel Gibson has an extraordinary performance here, as well as all the cast, Jodie gets older with such graciousness that is amazing to see. The film is very well supported by Anton Yelchin (as the elder son), and Jennifer Lawrence (as schoolmate vs potential girlfriend).

I enjoyed the story, it is sad, but it's touching and it's nice to see that real family problems are put to screen, maybe it will educate some minds and we'll be more tolerant towards this type of disease that's not easy to pull out nor live with or within it.

"The Hangover Part II" by Todd Phillips

The Wolfpack is here all right, but it is what we expected??? That's the problem, it is exactly the same story in a different country, Thailand, with some typical chaotic experiences in Bangkok but nevertheless it makes us smile. It is disappointing but entertains in a more Sunday afternoon movie than a novelty.
Here Todd Phillips wanted to be bold and explore some other city than the Las Vegas sin city, he chose Bangkok, not bad of a choice if we consider the genre and the exotic and extraordinary stuffs that really happens there, especially involving ping pong balls. It is the perfect place to loose yourselves I guess, though I regretted putting again the Chow guy, it didn't please me in the first and I wanted him dead in the second... All in all everything happened in the same formula and even if we like to see the wolfpack together, one time is memorable, two is a bit pathological, some nice rewriting would do the trick, and the movie would take a  different road and that would be nice...After you are amazed you only see disturbed guys that pills and alcohol unleashe the worst on them, we've seen it's just boring.

Monday, May 23

"The Lincoln Lawyer" by Brad Furman

In 2005, Michael Connelly wrote his 16th crime novel "The Lincoln Lawyer" and 6 years later is adapted to the screen. This was the first book of the Michael Haller series, with this LA attorney which is Harry Bosch's half-brother, a character who has its own series since 1992  in the writer's world of fiction. The title is based upon the fact that his office is pretty much his car, a Lincoln car. This is no normal lawyer of course, a little anti-heroic type, yet compelling to follow closely. The story is based upon a conviction of aggravated assault on a hooker by Louis Roulet, a young and rich man. Haller presents himself as the attorney,  without scrupulous, being very good at what he does, but yet there is a sense of pure justice in him, to never to convict an innocent man, to give the benefit of a doubt. He can defends criminals all the time but never put someone innocent on jail. But this case is different the doubt persists is this guy innocent or guilty?? Between manipulation and good plot, the events go pretty well and I'm amazed at Matthew McConaughey, he enters the role pretty well and gives to the character what it takes. I've read a novel by Michael Connelly and couldn't stop reading until the end, so I knew the plot would be nice to be put on screen but I had no former expectations, and in the end I felt pleased, I felt justice :) Supporting roles were given to Marisa Tomei (his ex-wife and DA attorney), William H Macy (his private investigator) and Ryan Phillippe (the defendant).

Tuesday, May 17

"Thor" by Kenneth Branagh

My dear Kenneth bring us a Marvel but yet mythological creature to the screen, the mighty Thor. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is the son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins), ruler of Asgard. Taken mythology or comic books seriously Kenneth built a very nice film, visually great, and with a very consistent story. The actors helped of course, but the most intriguing thing is that it didn't feel bogus at all, it felt possible, real and that is great for a hero movie. I loved the Shakespearian dialogues, the codes of honour, Thor itself, its darker brother Loki and a freaky scientist that make us, science people, not so very lunatic. 
I just have one wrong thing to say, I just hate 3D, if it's a non-animated film it's just not worth it, and I feel really cheated...please 3D...DIE!!! for all our eyes' sake... the 3D effects for less 2€ in our pockets are minimal.
The film is great, the first good blockbuster of the year and seriously I'm kind of being bored to see Natalie so much on screen (kidding, but really it's the third movie this year and I know at least she has two more...). By the way, good support by Stellan Skarsgard!

Thor: "For the first time in my life, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do..."

Monday, May 16

So long...33!

Salvador Dalí

"Limitless" by Neil Burger

What if a simple pill could solve all your problems by giving you the ability to use all your brain (according to the film we only use 20%)? Imagine the potential of being productive, resourceful,  attentive with nothing to block your time, and having time for all in your life, from work to pleasure... That's a little bit of the thing here...the main character, Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper), is an aspiring writer who mostly by fear or ineptitude has writer block  until the pill crosses his path. However, for good or bad everything will change in his life...he will be in danger but he will be so good he will turn up working for a big boss on financial trading.... The film has a bit of everything and is very good, has a good premise and it keeps the pace very well until the end. In the end we realise a good thing, that though the pill enhance one person capabilities it does so in different manners. If you don't have a "good" brain you won't be so much enhanced, and that's great because no matter how much we'd all want to take a pill and be more efficient, more happy about everything we do, there still some in ourselves that counts for something, we were build in some way and that won't change. We forget so much during our life, we acquire so much information, that eventually will be trashed and never reached again, as not everyone has the same abilities of storage and memory or even reason enough to make things happen. 
There is definitely a danger in this pill, enhancing ones brain should have a hard effect on the entire body. I guess possibilities of improving are there and there are pills for that, but I guess we all have to accept what we have and deal with it, because if we have potential the only thing playing against us is fear...and that simply won't do.
Bradley Cooper is a fine actor I hope he'll receive more main character in the future, and I guess his blue eyes were perfect for the new world image he gets from taking the pills. Not even De Niro can stole his good presence on screen. Go go Cooper :P 
The light contrasts between the two mind stages were very visual and were perfectly perceived by the viewer.  Neil Burger definitely stays on tracks after "The Illusionist" (2006) with this adaptation of Alan Glynn novel "The Dark Fields".
Enjoy :P

Sunday, May 15

"Your Highness" by David Gordon Green

Don't expect a normal comedy, or a nice adventure for that matter. This movie is pure sex comedy, raw, awkward, funny, that bewilders every viewer upon each frame with an incredulous look. The plot is more of the same, prince meets princess locked in a tower, saves her and then she is captured by an evil warlock and so the prince Fabious (the future king), his brother Thadeous (not a fairy tale prince for sure) and his knights go into her rescue. In between they meet a fierce warrior, a girl, Isabel, beautifully portrayed by Natalie Portman (this role was filmed right next to Black Swan). There is not much to talk about the plot without spoiling a bit, however, every tiny bit of the dialogue is sex related and depravity is common sense here, and that's what it makes all hilarious because it turns a predictable movie into an enjoyable one by the difference in which the story moves around. It's just so fun to see James Franco (Fabious) playing the fierce heroic prince, and Danny McBride (Thadeous) a totally anti-heroic prince who just want to fool around, but yet seems more realistic than the Fabious. Credit must be given to the character of the warlock Leezar (Justin Theroux) by his ineptitude to understand destiny itself even if that is the conquering of the world, like if the bad guy in the movie felt too much pressure and wanted for a second a different future. So boring are fairy tales, in which no character can be bold to leave his intents and seek for other. 
Cherry on top of the cake was also the presence of Zooey Deschanel, I think she is weird (in a good sense) enough to make all a bit more interesting.
I enjoyed a lot but James Franco looked so stoned, really I'm not sure it was all from the character, was he training for the Oscars??? I guess anti-heroes are here to stay and are far more attractive than the heroes.
Amazing moment, when the warlocks and his evil mothers were eating this:
I just pitty people who don't understand the films for what they are and for what they pretend to be... I listened to this at the end of the film "And was for this that she won the Oscar?"
The film is not bad, it just another league entirely...and actors don't have (fortunately) to do only Oscar winning films or high prized or intellectual actor wants to experience, learn, and live the so may lives they can boring is to see an actor with the same attitude over and over, and you forget which movie you see, because he is always a gangster or always the bad-guy with those crazy eyes. 
Please people if you want to see a movie at least inform yourselves and go see something your brain can assimilate!!!

Monday, April 25

Lars Von Trier "Melancholia" Trailer

On the edge all is put on perspective!!! It seems interesting!!!

Sunday, April 24

"Last night" by Massy Tadjedin

Last night is written and directed by the Iranian-American screenwriter whose debut film I'm about to discuss.
This picture is centred in a three-year married couple Joanna (Keira Knightley) and Michael Reed (Sam Worthington) whose life seems as normal as the next couple. All begins at a party in which Joanna finds herself jealousy of a bit of intimacy between her husband and a new employee his never mentioned - Laura (Eva Mendes). This spark of pure jealousy is motif of argument and the couple is strangled in distrust at first, and then as every other couple they move on, because they must trust each other. And well as it is said "you could be happy and still be tempted"...Laura is sexy and attractive... They are a young couple, they married young and probably evolved from the exact point when they started to be in love. Life changes us all but they say how much they still love each other. 
Michael goes on a business trip with Laura, meanwhile Joanna find a link to the past - Alex (Guillaume Canet). The premiss then is temptation, while Michael is getting into the web of Laura, Joanna is reliving a past once a present with Alex....actually it was never a past, since she realizes that she still nurtures feelings for him. In just one day the characters suffer a inner discovery. I guess there can be different types of love and different types of emotional detachments. We can see that although at the surface it seems the same, the inner core is so different. Joanna is an intense doubtful woman that dreamt of a different life but stayed with safe not with passionate; Alex is a wanderer, detached and free; Laura is a woman that goes after her feelings or emotions not sticking with rules; and Michael is a comfortable husband with not much inner ambition but as any other man get spiked by the spider, in a forbidden fruit sort of way.
In the end life is what it is...complicated...does it have to be?? 
I think not...but people try to accommodate herselfs and try to forget the unforgettable.
They try not to say anything, not to judge when they too have sins.  
But are they truly happy?? That was a question I posed myself while watching...
They do love each other ? I guess it's a too simple question for such a deep story. 
People are not certain of everything in there lifes, and sometimes choosing is not easy, but is frightening to see that they don't know themselves ... I guess we don't actually... Also interesting is the different point of view of cheating, woman and man have different ways that lead to different questions...The man is an instinctive animal who don't need so much emotion, but a woman even not being physical can have all the emotions and cheat all the same. The case here is that women have switches less animalesc than men and so it's not the physical the most important, in such a way, that she feels regret for what she have lost and regret for what she'd done. They both are condemned to be undiscovered again, happily contempt or to be whatever pathway is possible...

Well, it's a refreshing movie about human relations and Guillaume and Keira are very good in their respective roles.
Just a final note to the soundtrack which is good, so that I leave here one great song :)

"Game of Thrones" by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss (HBO)

Winter is coming, and this series, only with one episode has already had its renewal. Great news because it
 is a complex story and the first episode was indeed very good.
"Game of Thrones" is based on "A Song of Ice and Fire" - the book series of George R R Martin, which is not fully written yet. It has 4 books and the 5th is on its way (we sure hope for it) this July.
Geeks and Fans have been pestering about almost everywhere and everyone, because naturally a book is a book and who ever reads  imagines what he wants, I have my expections, as  or everyone else, except I'm not harrassing anyone of the cast or defaming them on the web. Shame on you really!

I was very expectant as to the first episode even though I tend to forget a little bit the plot of the books I read ( I have no huge card memory). I knew the most important...and amazingly the episode made me remember it all, it was all there, of course this or that character was not completely to my imagination but the episode was supreme in that way. The scenarios are very good and most of the actors seem to fit very well. We cannot forget that there are medieval times, with many fluids, treason, conspiracy, ambition for power, etc. (as you can imagine) and to get even more spicy.....some nasty creatures beyond the great wall of the Kingdom.
The plot is just in the beginning and I won't spoil anything nor give a report of every episode, I just wanted to state that it seems very well conducted, and if you like some fantasy, medieval drama and some "fun" altogether you should see it. It's worth it every minute.
The story it's too much complex to tell but believe me all houses will get on "fire" and Winter dear all... is definitely here to stay. :)

"Red" by Robert Schwentke (2010)

RED is a comic created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Cully Hamner. In 2010 it was turned into a movie with high quality actors. Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is a retired CIA (labeled as RED-retired and extremely dangerous) who strikes to have a normal life, a lonely man who spends enjoyable time flirting with the government pension processing  worker Sarah (Mary-Louis Parker) until one day he is targeted to kill. While unveiling the conspiracy he joins a team of old/retired agents: Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren).
The movie is very funny, between the strange relationship between Sarah and Frank, that now reveals itself as one of her heroes in her reading soap operas. Even more is Marvin, whose character is the typical schizophrenic paranoid type that suits him so well. Oh the pig is hilarious!!! It is a comedy no matter the shootings, but is so good to see elder people doing this type of movies, I'm a bit sick of seeing heroic photoshoped people...People don't have to be bedazzle to be effective and professional.
It's not a brilliant film, but it's a pity it passed under the curtains unnoticed by many...If you go see many comedys to relax you should include this one to your list. Not becaause it's extraordinary but it has a different tune and that's a nice thing to see. Gosh they must have had so much fun doing it :PPP

Frank Moses: Victoria is the best woman in the world with an RPN.
Sarah Ross: Oh, wow. Um, what's an RPN?
Victoria: [smiling] I kill people, dear.

Tuesday, April 19

"Source Code" by Duncan Jones

Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son) present us after the movie "Moon"(2009), another kind of Sci-Fi-thriller, the "Source Code". This movie is about an Afghanistan USA Captain who has 8 minutes to save the world. Well ever ending of 8 minutes. An attack has occurred in a commuter train heading to Chicago, and Cap Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) can access into the mind and body of the 8 last minutes of a passenger on that train. This 8 minutes are to be repeated until he identifies the bomb and the bomber, to prevent further attacks on Chicago's down town. His front passenger and "train friend" is Christine (Michelle Monaghan), an ordinary girl from whom Colter will have a crush (obviously). Between saving the world, understanding his role in all of this (his memoirs are somewhat fuzzed) and the crush on Christina, Colter has a lot of effort to make to finish his mission. Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) is her handler in all of this, and tries to helping him from the outside. 
This seems all to obvious, but yet intriguing, and when we see it we known something is wrong. Spoilers apart, the movie is a great entertainment, has a nice plot, though the end is arguable. Science geeks may see it inaccurate, but well this is Hollywood... no one really cares. Some ideas are interesting and I think that's what this movie is...interesting. Jake is proven himself to be all kind of genre guy, though his Bambi eyes are always there and Farmiga is always interesting to see on screen, with her always mysterious lines (even if they aren't), but felt so true by the spectator. 
In the turmoil of the hangover after the Oscar's great pictures (maybe not all so great, who cares right?) in which we see premiers of movies no one cares about this one is a catch. To enjoy and not to speculate.

Colter Stevens: What would you do if you knew you only had one minute to live?
Christina Warren : I'd make those seconds count.

I guess we all should make our seconds count :P enjoy

Sunday, April 17


(Debbie Miller's painting)

Envolvo-me nos meus braços,
numa casa que não é minha,
num sonho que não é meu,
numa vida que não é minha,
nuns braços que não são meus.
Procuro esses braços em alguém que não eu,
mas esse alguém não mos dá.
Procuramos sempre onde não é.
Somos sempre procurados por quem não somos.
O ciclo está errado,
procuramos onde queremos, mas não nos querem,
Devíamos ser procurados,
por quem procuramos.

Será que o ciclo está certo?
Afinal procuramos quem nos procura,
mas a palavra não é dita,
aprisiona-se na garganta,
no gesto que não se faz,
no rumo que não se toma.

A procura é sempre incerta,
quando o ser humano
procura o mal,
por ser procurado pelo bem.

Somos vítimas constantes da procura,
mas nós somos mais culpados,
somos nós que não damos
o primeiro passo,
o primeiro gesto,
a primeira palavra,
o rumo certo.

Porque o medo nos toma,
e gela o coração para a procura,
que afinal é a melhor coisa que nos pode acontecer na vida!

1999 - It once made sense, now I really don't know....

Friday, April 15

"London Boulevard" by William Monahan

William Monahan, winner of Best Adapted Screenplay for The Departed, tried to be 2 in 1 in this Londoner film. He is both director and screenwriter (adapted from Ken Bruen's novel). The casting is full of known stars and that should be a good way to start it. Keira Knightley interprets a harassed paparazzi star full of some mental disturbances, who is somewhat accompanied by a kind of a hippie David Thewlis. In the other hand, Colin Farrell is a criminal  out of jail who don't want his life back into gangsters (Ray Winston, the bad guy), but didn't loose his touch to it. Destinies intertwined and voilá he is her private security man. He is the perfect man for the job, he has the fame, the touch, all that can lead an actress in distress to temptation, in a way of finding herself again. 
We see too little of Keira, all is about Colin's character, and then the movie is about shoot and kill , but doesn't have the depth and brilliance of The Departed...There's something missing and in the end all we can think of, is oh my god, the world is not safe, and they're like weeds, one head down, 1000 more still growing to be just like that one. Guess that's why super heroes were born...people are so imperfect.
One thing that is a bonus is the soundtrack, I just loved listen to this one :P Trailer at .

Tuesday, March 29

"Morning Glory" by Roger Michell

"Morning Glory" is brought to screen by the director of the comedy romance of the 90's, Notting Hill. That is a bad thing because we expect something of the same calibre. In fact that's not so, but in so many levels it's unpretentious and in the end is a very nice movie, a bit refreshing and aims at what it gets, no more no less.
The story is about an aspiring producer named Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams), workaholic to the utmost, who after being let go by a TV station tries to get a new job. She manages to get one, but at a high cost and lower payment... she has to raise the audiences of the worst show of the mornings-DayBreak. Not an easy task, worst even when the co-host of the programme is a pretentious stubborn awarded journalist, named Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), who makes Becky's life a living hell, and who despise the other co-host Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton), for her lack of professional integrity. The story in itself doesn't seem special, but it's very interesting to see how these shows are made, and how it's all about selling the soul to the devil, according to the audience. How exasperating can this be, how a sharp mind has to tune all in. There's never a place to educate, but to entertain, otherwise people move the channel to a more sensational story. All is dealt very well by the good bunch of actors present, and McAdams gives a nice performance. Ford is somewhat strange in the role, it seemed to be a bit too much effort to be disagreeable, but that's me. Keaton makes it nice, but is a little bit tossed away by the other actors, who put her in the shadow, but is a good asset altogether. I enjoyed very much seeing it, I laughed and smiled and in the end it was competent enough to not be just one more movie of the genre. Memories fade, and this movie will fade eventually too, but once remembered it will be nice and not just "Oh what was about?".

Thursday, March 24

Winter is coming....oh please come come

House of Stark

House of Targaryen

House of Baratheon

House of Lannister

Pensamento anónimo

"A primavera chega, a primavera parte.
Nascem-me cabelos brancos e vejo novas rugas de vez em quando.
Sinto uma fadiga gradual…de quem espera sentado, mas fulmina por dentro.
Sinto uma força a consumir-me, apesar de não me restar força alguma.
Vejo uma beleza lá fora, mas não consigo fazer parte dela.
Estou sentada à espera…

Os dias correm,
ora devagar, ora num ápice,
 mas no fundo nada muda…o tempo corre sempre ao mesmo passo.
O tempo não perdoa,
 o que não foi feito, feito ficou.
E eu fiquei sentada à espera…

O comboio parou e partiu,
 vejo gente a entrar,
uns com sorrisos,
outros com incertezas…e mesmo outros com medo,
 mas partiram…
E eu fiquei sentada no banco à espera…

Cada dia que passo sinto mais a velhice,
a velhice do queixume,
a velhice da dor,
mas não sinto a velhice da sabedoria…
Porque fiquei parada e não vivi…
Porque o medo paralisou-me e impediu-me de crescer…
Cresci rápido demais e caí,
caí na esperança de que haveria algo mais,
quando na realidade mesmo que quisesse já anda vejo senão a desilusão do presente, a mágoa do passado e o desespero do futuro."

Monday, March 21

Spring has arrived!!!


Sunny and warm days...hope for a new season...

"Tabacaria" de Álvaro de Campos (Fernando Pessoa)

Não sou nada.
Nunca serei nada.
Não posso querer ser nada.
À parte isso, tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo.

Janelas do meu quarto,
Do meu quarto de um dos milhões do mundo que ninguém sabe quem é

(E se soubessem quem é, o que saberiam?),
Dais para o mistério de uma rua cruzada constantemente por gente,
Para uma rua inacessível a todos os pensamentos,
Real, impossivelmente real, certa, desconhecidamente certa,
Com o mistério das coisas por baixo das pedras e dos seres,
Com a morte a pôr humidade nas paredes e cabelos brancos nos homens,
Com o Destino a conduzir a carroça de tudo pela estrada de nada.

Estou hoje vencido, como se soubesse a verdade.
Estou hoje lúcido, como se estivesse para morrer,
E não tivesse mais irmandade com as coisas
Senão uma despedida, tornando-se esta casa e este lado da rua

A fileira de carruagens de um comboio, e uma partida apitada
De dentro da minha cabeça,
E uma sacudidela dos meus nervos e um ranger de ossos na ida.

Estou hoje perplexo como quem pensou e achou e esqueceu.
Estou hoje dividido entre a lealdade que devo
À Tabacaria do outro lado da rua, como coisa real por fora,
E à sensação de que tudo é sonho, como coisa real por dentro.

Falhei em tudo.
Como não fiz propósito nenhum, talvez tudo fosse nada.
A aprendizagem que me deram,
Desci dela pela janela das traseiras da casa,
Fui até ao campo com grandes propósitos.
Mas lá encontrei só ervas e árvores,
E quando havia gente era igual à outra.
Saio da janela, sento-me numa cadeira. Em que hei-de pensar?

Que sei eu do que serei, eu que não sei o que sou?
Ser o que penso? Mas penso ser tanta coisa!
E há tantos que pensam ser a mesma coisa que não pode haver tantos!
Génio? Neste momento
Cem mil cérebros se concebem em sonho génios como eu,
E a história não marcará, quem sabe?, nem um,
Nem haverá senão estrume de tantas conquistas futuras.
Não, não creio em mim.
Em todos os manicómios há doidos malucos com tantas certezas!
Eu, que não tenho nenhuma certeza, sou mais certo ou menos certo?
Não, nem em mim...
Em quantas mansardas e não-mansardas do mundo
Não estão nesta hora génios-para-si-mesmos sonhando?
Quantas aspirações altas e nobres e lúcidas —
Sim, verdadeiramente altas e nobres e lúcidas —,
E quem sabe se realizáveis,
Nunca verão a luz do sol real nem acharão ouvidos de gente?
O mundo é para quem nasce para o conquistar
E não para quem sonha que pode conquistá-lo, ainda que tenha razão.
Tenho sonhado mais que o que Napoleão fez.
Tenho apertado ao peito hipotético mais humanidades do que Cristo,
Tenho feito filosofias em segredo que nenhum Kant escreveu.
Mas sou, e talvez serei sempre, o da mansarda,
Ainda que não more nela;
Serei sempre o que não nasceu para isso;
Serei sempre só o que tinha qualidades;
Serei sempre o que esperou que lhe abrissem a porta ao pé de uma parede sem porta

E cantou a cantiga do Infinito numa capoeira,
E ouviu a voz de Deus num poço tapado.
Crer em mim? Não, nem em nada.
Derrame-me a Natureza sobre a cabeça ardente
O seu sol, a sua chuva, o vento que me acha o cabelo,
E o resto que venha se vier, ou tiver que vir, ou não venha.
Escravos cardíacos das estrelas,
Conquistámos todo o mundo antes de nos levantar da cama;
Mas acordámos e ele é opaco,
Levantámo-nos e ele é alheio,
Saímos de casa e ele é a terra inteira,
Mais o sistema solar e a Via Láctea e o Indefinido.

(Come chocolates, pequena;
Come chocolates!
Olha que não há mais metafísica no mundo senão chocolates.
Olha que as religiões todas não ensinam mais que a confeitaria.
Come, pequena suja, come!
Pudesse eu comer chocolates com a mesma verdade com que comes!
Mas eu penso e, ao tirar o papel de prata, que é de folhas de estanho,
Deito tudo para o chão, como tenho deitado a vida.)

Mas ao menos fica da amargura do que nunca serei
A caligrafia rápida destes versos,
Pórtico partido para o Impossível.
Mas ao menos consagro a mim mesmo um desprezo sem lágrimas,
Nobre ao menos no gesto largo com que atiro
A roupa suja que sou, sem rol, pra o decurso das coisas,
E fico em casa sem camisa.

(Tu, que consolas, que não existes e por isso consolas,
Ou deusa grega, concebida como estátua que fosse viva,
Ou patrícia romana, impossivelmente nobre e nefasta,
Ou princesa de trovadores, gentilíssima e colorida,
Ou marquesa do século dezoito, decotada e longínqua,
Ou cocote célebre do tempo dos nossos pais,
Ou não sei quê moderno — não concebo bem o quê —,
Tudo isso, seja o que for, que sejas, se pode inspirar que inspire!
Meu coração é um balde despejado.
Como os que invocam espíritos invocam espíritos invoco
A mim mesmo e não encontro nada.
Chego à janela e vejo a rua com uma nitidez absoluta.
Vejo as lojas, vejo os passeios, vejo os carros que passam,
Vejo os entes vivos vestidos que se cruzam,
Vejo os cães que também existem,
E tudo isto me pesa como uma condenação ao degredo,
E tudo isto é estrangeiro, como tudo.)

Vivi, estudei, amei, e até cri,
E hoje não há mendigo que eu não inveje só por não ser eu.
Olho a cada um os andrajos e as chagas e a mentira,
E penso: talvez nunca vivesses nem estudasses nem amasses nem cresses
(Porque é possível fazer a realidade de tudo isso sem fazer nada disso);
Talvez tenhas existido apenas, como um lagarto a quem cortam o rabo
E que é rabo para aquém do lagarto remexidamente.

Fiz de mim o que não soube,
E o que podia fazer de mim não o fiz.
O dominó que vesti era errado.
Conheceram-me logo por quem não era e não desmenti, e perdi-me.
Quando quis tirar a máscara,
Estava pegada à cara.
Quando a tirei e me vi ao espelho,
Já tinha envelhecido.
Estava bêbado, já não sabia vestir o dominó que não tinha tirado.
Deitei fora a máscara e dormi no vestiário
Como um cão tolerado pela gerência
Por ser inofensivo
E vou escrever esta história para provar que sou sublime.

Essência musical dos meus versos inúteis,
Quem me dera encontrar-te como coisa que eu fizesse,
E não ficasse sempre defronte da Tabacaria de defronte,
Calcando aos pés a consciência de estar existindo,
Como um tapete em que um bêbado tropeça
Ou um capacho que os ciganos roubaram e não valia nada.

Mas o Dono da Tabacaria chegou à porta e ficou à porta.
Olhou-o com o desconforto da cabeça mal voltada
E com o desconforto da alma mal-entendendo.
Ele morrerá e eu morrerei.
Ele deixará a tabuleta, e eu deixarei versos.
A certa altura morrerá a tabuleta também, e os versos também.
Depois de certa altura morrerá a rua onde esteve a tabuleta,
E a língua em que foram escritos os versos.
Morrerá depois o planeta girante em que tudo isto se deu.
Em outros satélites de outros sistemas qualquer coisa como gente
Continuará fazendo coisas como versos e vivendo por baixo de coisas como tabuletas,

Sempre uma coisa defronte da outra,
Sempre uma coisa tão inútil como a outra,
Sempre o impossível tão estúpido como o real,
Sempre o mistério do fundo tão certo como o sono de mistério da superfície,
Sempre isto ou sempre outra coisa ou nem uma coisa nem outra.

Mas um homem entrou na Tabacaria (para comprar tabaco?),
E a realidade plausível cai de repente em cima de mim.
Semiergo-me enérgico, convencido, humano,
E vou tencionar escrever estes versos em que digo o contrário.

Acendo um cigarro ao pensar em escrevê-los
E saboreio no cigarro a libertação de todos os pensamentos.
Sigo o fumo como uma rota própria,
E gozo, num momento sensitivo e competente,
A libertação de todas as especulações
E a consciência de que a metafísica é uma consequência de estar mal disposto.

Depois deito-me para trás na cadeira
E continuo fumando.
Enquanto o Destino mo conceder, continuarei fumando.

(Se eu casasse com a filha da minha lavadeira
Talvez fosse feliz.)
Visto isto, levanto-me da cadeira. Vou à janela.

O homem saiu da Tabacaria (metendo troco na algibeira das calças?).
Ah, conheço-o: é o Esteves sem metafísica.
(O Dono da Tabacaria chegou à porta.)
Como por um instinto divino o Esteves voltou-se e viu-me.
Acenou-me adeus gritei-lhe Adeus ó Esteves!, e o universo
Reconstruiu-se-me sem ideal nem esperança, e o Dono da Tabacaria sorriu.

Friday, March 18

"Deathly Hallows Part 2" Featurette

Ho Ho Ho!!! They're back to finish it :)))))

Monday, March 14

"Camelot" TV series 2011

Camelot - Trailer 2 from BlaPrtv on Vimeo.

This new TV series may be promising. Besides the ever adored Arthurian legend, here we have well-known actors as Eva Green (Morgana), Joseph Fiennes (Merlin) and Jamie Campbell Bower (King Arthur). This last one is better known for his role in the perfect Sweeney Todd.
Something to watch no doubt! Premiers April 1st!!!
Beware...  it comes a giant wave of historic TV series.

"Winter's Bone" by Debra Granik

"Winter's Bone" brings us a strange story, probably, because it is a "No Man's land" scenario. Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) is a 17-old girl in charge of her entire family (two brother + mother), after her father s disappearing. Her mother is in an almost catatonic state and useless to any family management.  In fact, all goes hard for this family, with little to eat and few prospects, living somewhere in Missouri, in the Ozark Mountains. It gets worse when they might loose their property, if her father doesn't appear in court.  In fact, that's the task she forces herself to do, find her father's whereabouts because they can't loose the only thing they have. Unfortunately that's no easy task, even if her uncle (John Hawkes) helps a bit. The movie, with almost no soundtrack at all, comes from somewhere very dark and it's hard to understand how things are so tangled, except the visible suffering, and the "Mafia" style of the deepness of  "No man's land" called America.  Though its awkwardness, it has been very well accepted by the public and critics, with four nomination to the Oscars, including best actress (Jennifer Lawrence), best supporting actor (John Hawkes), best picture and best adapted screenplay. I may say that the actors are good and it was no easy task incarnating those characters, some scenes are indeed very raw. It's not a bad story but it didn't flick a switch for went more in the bizarre, which is not my area of preference, but it is important that films like these demonstrate reality or fiction in different light and shades than usual. 
If you liked the girl, we will see her in "The Beaver" and in the next "X-Men-First Class" as Mystique.
Simplicity and hardship comes here in this quote:
Sonny: Maybe they'll share some of that with us.
Ree: That could be.
Sonny: Maybe we should ask.
Ree: Never ask for what oughta be offered. 


Monday, February 28

And the Oscar goes to...

83rd Academy Awards

Actor in a Leading Role - Colin Firth
Actor in a Supporting Role - Christian Bale
Actor in a Leading Role - Natalie Portman
Actor in a Supporting Role - Melissa Leo
Best Picture - The King's Speech
Directing - Tom Hooper
Animated Feature Film - Toy Story 3
Cinematography - Inception
Art Direction - Alice in Wonderland
Costume Design - Alice in Wonderland
Film Editing - Inception
Sound Mixing - Inception
Sound Editing - Inception
Visual Effects - Inception
Makeup - The Wolfman
Music (Original Score) - The Social Network
Music (Original Song) - "We belong together" from Toy Story 3
Writing (adapted screenplay) - The Social Network
Writing (original screenplay) - The King's Speech
Documentary (Feature) - Inside Job
Documentary (short subject)- Strangers no more
Short film (animated) - The Lost thing
Short film (live action) - God of Love
Foreign language film - In a better world

Wednesday, February 23

"Queen's" speech at the BAFTAs (Helena Bonham Carter)

My favourite speech is this one...well...followed by Darren Aronofsky's speech accepting the BAFTA award in behalf of Natalie Portman.

"True Grit" by Ethan and Joel Coen

The Coen brothers present us this year with an atypical western based on the 1968 novel of Charles Portis, already transformed to the screen in 1969 (Henry Hathaway) featuring John Wayne. However this 2010 movie is more close to the novel and is indeed well adapted that received several nominations for its adapted screenplay. The story tells nothing more than an avenger's pursuit for payback. It seems trivial, however this avenger is no more than a 14 year-old girl avenging his father death . The film and novel are both narrated by her, (Mattie Ross) so its her point of view, so clear, so innocent but so incisive and determining. She's a resolute girl that seems to have now the command of her family and so made up her plan to hire someone to help her bring Tom Chaney (the assassin performed by Josh Brolin) to justice. She eventually have the help of US Marshall Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) and Texas Ranger LaBoeuf (Matt Damon) and they part in pursuit over the Choctaw Nation, a nice place for the bandits hide-out. This is no common Western, there is indeed shooting , accents, wild wild west scenarios, some indians but that's just the beauty of it because the storyline could be in any decade...because it's Mattie's story, it's her determination, it's her sense of justice and ultimately the bondage that she creates with those rude and strange men pursuing money rewards. Affection can come in strange ways...and in the end although her lack of age and experience she gives a lesson to all of us.
Mattie is performed by Hailee Steinfeld and her acting is indeed to applause and it didn't pass unnoticed since she already had many nominations and in the 27th this month she'll be in the Oscars with her Best supporting actress nomination although she should be nominated in the Best Actress category since she is the principal character. Anyway she is well accompanied by Jeff and Matt, it was a great casting and Jeff Bridges is just so great and it seems to come so natural to him. Matt has proven to be able to do various types of characters and continues to do so. I just have to give a final praise to the Coen brothers, they are very good and I loved the cinematography, it was just like I imagined it when reading the novel. Many of you who don't seem to relate to this movie because you think the story it's pretty basic, go and see it, it's a must see, doesn't have the grandeur or the big drama of movies that everyone is talking about, but in the end it fill your spirit and it's even humorous. No wonder has 10 Oscar nominations.

Monday, February 14

BAFTA Awards 2011 - King rules!!!

Academy Fellowship – Sir Christopher Lee

Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema – The Harry Potter Films

Best Film – The King’s Speech

Outstanding British Film – The King’s Speech

Outstanding Debut with a British Writer, Director or Producer – Four Lions

Director – David Fincher with The Social Network

Original Screenplay – David Seidler with The King’s Speech

Adapted Screenplay – Aaron Sorkin with The Social Network

Film not in the english language – The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

Animated Film – Toy Story 3

Leading Actor – Colin Firth with The King’s Speech

Leading Actress – Natalie Portman with Black Swan

Supporting Actor – Geoffrey Rush with The King’s Speech

Supporting Actress – Helena Bonham Carter with The King’s Speech

Original Music - The King’s Speech by Alexandre Desplat

Cinematography – True Grit by Roger Deakins

Editing – The Social Network by Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter

Production Design - Inception by Guy Hendrix Dyas, Larry Dias and Doug Mowat

Costume Design – Alice in Wonderland by Colleen Atwood

Sound – Inception by Richard King, Lora Hirschberg, Gary A rizzo and Ed Novick

Special Visual Effects – Inception by Chris Corbould, Paul Franklin, Andrew Lockley, Peter Bebb

Make up & Hair – Alice in Wonderland by Valli O’Reilly and Paul Gooch

Short Animation – The Eagleman Stag by Michael Please

Short Film – Until the River Runs Red by Paul Wright and Poss Kondeatis

Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award – Tom Hardy