Monday, May 7

Super 8 (2011) by J.J Abrams

Summer of 1979, a bunch of kids playing with cameras, aspiring to make a great movie with their Super 8 cameras. Couldn't they know they would be playing the film of their lives when they uncover a secret operation involving alien intelligence.The film brings the 80's spirit and something that I quite miss seeing in movies and in actual kids nowadays...a little of audacity and creativity that only kids can turn into something pure and yet challenging. An event occurs, they have it in their cameras, yet all happens so fast... mysterious things which the government hides from the civilians, finally only to uncover that the government is always to blame. All in all the film is very good, good story, with a revival of the old days and old cinema. And just to remark: Elle Fanning will have such a career, the looks, the talent and that voice, beware people!!! Hope she will have the luck to have good roles in the future.

Young Adult (2011) by Jason Reitman

Everyone deserves a second chance, yet not always we see that one coming.
"Young Adult" is a film about Mavis Gary, a thirty something woman that was hugely popular in high school and eloped to a bigger city leaving all behind to achieve success. Despite the leap, she filled herself with emptiness, wondering where her happy ending would be. Years passed by her but she didn't grow up, and when she arrives a her old town she feels even more displaced than ever. How can those people be happy in that hole? How can life happened here and not to her? Mavis is a pretty messed up woman, with a young attitude in an older body trying to see how life fits into her plans and into her fails. She arrives in town so that she can have her future, her past, so that she can steal an old flame to her, no matter what costs. And so she acts in denial, in confusion, in an ideal world that doesn't fairly exists.
The film is a nice reflection on modern times where growing doesn't correlate with age, the same goes with what we except of life and really what we receive. Thumbs up for Matt Freehauf's character portrayed by Patton Oswalt who is very refreshing in this film. Charlize Theron is ok with her performance but I don't think it fits her. Huge dramas or evil queens are more adequate. This is not a great movie but it has a good story behind.