Monday, May 23

"The Lincoln Lawyer" by Brad Furman

In 2005, Michael Connelly wrote his 16th crime novel "The Lincoln Lawyer" and 6 years later is adapted to the screen. This was the first book of the Michael Haller series, with this LA attorney which is Harry Bosch's half-brother, a character who has its own series since 1992  in the writer's world of fiction. The title is based upon the fact that his office is pretty much his car, a Lincoln car. This is no normal lawyer of course, a little anti-heroic type, yet compelling to follow closely. The story is based upon a conviction of aggravated assault on a hooker by Louis Roulet, a young and rich man. Haller presents himself as the attorney,  without scrupulous, being very good at what he does, but yet there is a sense of pure justice in him, to never to convict an innocent man, to give the benefit of a doubt. He can defends criminals all the time but never put someone innocent on jail. But this case is different the doubt persists is this guy innocent or guilty?? Between manipulation and good plot, the events go pretty well and I'm amazed at Matthew McConaughey, he enters the role pretty well and gives to the character what it takes. I've read a novel by Michael Connelly and couldn't stop reading until the end, so I knew the plot would be nice to be put on screen but I had no former expectations, and in the end I felt pleased, I felt justice :) Supporting roles were given to Marisa Tomei (his ex-wife and DA attorney), William H Macy (his private investigator) and Ryan Phillippe (the defendant).

Tuesday, May 17

"Thor" by Kenneth Branagh

My dear Kenneth bring us a Marvel but yet mythological creature to the screen, the mighty Thor. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is the son of Odin (Anthony Hopkins), ruler of Asgard. Taken mythology or comic books seriously Kenneth built a very nice film, visually great, and with a very consistent story. The actors helped of course, but the most intriguing thing is that it didn't feel bogus at all, it felt possible, real and that is great for a hero movie. I loved the Shakespearian dialogues, the codes of honour, Thor itself, its darker brother Loki and a freaky scientist that make us, science people, not so very lunatic. 
I just have one wrong thing to say, I just hate 3D, if it's a non-animated film it's just not worth it, and I feel really cheated...please 3D...DIE!!! for all our eyes' sake... the 3D effects for less 2€ in our pockets are minimal.
The film is great, the first good blockbuster of the year and seriously I'm kind of being bored to see Natalie so much on screen (kidding, but really it's the third movie this year and I know at least she has two more...). By the way, good support by Stellan Skarsgard!

Thor: "For the first time in my life, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do..."

Monday, May 16

So long...33!

Salvador Dalí

"Limitless" by Neil Burger

What if a simple pill could solve all your problems by giving you the ability to use all your brain (according to the film we only use 20%)? Imagine the potential of being productive, resourceful,  attentive with nothing to block your time, and having time for all in your life, from work to pleasure... That's a little bit of the thing here...the main character, Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper), is an aspiring writer who mostly by fear or ineptitude has writer block  until the pill crosses his path. However, for good or bad everything will change in his life...he will be in danger but he will be so good he will turn up working for a big boss on financial trading.... The film has a bit of everything and is very good, has a good premise and it keeps the pace very well until the end. In the end we realise a good thing, that though the pill enhance one person capabilities it does so in different manners. If you don't have a "good" brain you won't be so much enhanced, and that's great because no matter how much we'd all want to take a pill and be more efficient, more happy about everything we do, there still some in ourselves that counts for something, we were build in some way and that won't change. We forget so much during our life, we acquire so much information, that eventually will be trashed and never reached again, as not everyone has the same abilities of storage and memory or even reason enough to make things happen. 
There is definitely a danger in this pill, enhancing ones brain should have a hard effect on the entire body. I guess possibilities of improving are there and there are pills for that, but I guess we all have to accept what we have and deal with it, because if we have potential the only thing playing against us is fear...and that simply won't do.
Bradley Cooper is a fine actor I hope he'll receive more main character in the future, and I guess his blue eyes were perfect for the new world image he gets from taking the pills. Not even De Niro can stole his good presence on screen. Go go Cooper :P 
The light contrasts between the two mind stages were very visual and were perfectly perceived by the viewer.  Neil Burger definitely stays on tracks after "The Illusionist" (2006) with this adaptation of Alan Glynn novel "The Dark Fields".
Enjoy :P

Sunday, May 15

"Your Highness" by David Gordon Green

Don't expect a normal comedy, or a nice adventure for that matter. This movie is pure sex comedy, raw, awkward, funny, that bewilders every viewer upon each frame with an incredulous look. The plot is more of the same, prince meets princess locked in a tower, saves her and then she is captured by an evil warlock and so the prince Fabious (the future king), his brother Thadeous (not a fairy tale prince for sure) and his knights go into her rescue. In between they meet a fierce warrior, a girl, Isabel, beautifully portrayed by Natalie Portman (this role was filmed right next to Black Swan). There is not much to talk about the plot without spoiling a bit, however, every tiny bit of the dialogue is sex related and depravity is common sense here, and that's what it makes all hilarious because it turns a predictable movie into an enjoyable one by the difference in which the story moves around. It's just so fun to see James Franco (Fabious) playing the fierce heroic prince, and Danny McBride (Thadeous) a totally anti-heroic prince who just want to fool around, but yet seems more realistic than the Fabious. Credit must be given to the character of the warlock Leezar (Justin Theroux) by his ineptitude to understand destiny itself even if that is the conquering of the world, like if the bad guy in the movie felt too much pressure and wanted for a second a different future. So boring are fairy tales, in which no character can be bold to leave his intents and seek for other. 
Cherry on top of the cake was also the presence of Zooey Deschanel, I think she is weird (in a good sense) enough to make all a bit more interesting.
I enjoyed a lot but James Franco looked so stoned, really I'm not sure it was all from the character, was he training for the Oscars??? I guess anti-heroes are here to stay and are far more attractive than the heroes.
Amazing moment, when the warlocks and his evil mothers were eating this:
I just pitty people who don't understand the films for what they are and for what they pretend to be... I listened to this at the end of the film "And was for this that she won the Oscar?"
The film is not bad, it just another league entirely...and actors don't have (fortunately) to do only Oscar winning films or high prized or intellectual actor wants to experience, learn, and live the so may lives they can boring is to see an actor with the same attitude over and over, and you forget which movie you see, because he is always a gangster or always the bad-guy with those crazy eyes. 
Please people if you want to see a movie at least inform yourselves and go see something your brain can assimilate!!!