Sunday, May 15

"Your Highness" by David Gordon Green

Don't expect a normal comedy, or a nice adventure for that matter. This movie is pure sex comedy, raw, awkward, funny, that bewilders every viewer upon each frame with an incredulous look. The plot is more of the same, prince meets princess locked in a tower, saves her and then she is captured by an evil warlock and so the prince Fabious (the future king), his brother Thadeous (not a fairy tale prince for sure) and his knights go into her rescue. In between they meet a fierce warrior, a girl, Isabel, beautifully portrayed by Natalie Portman (this role was filmed right next to Black Swan). There is not much to talk about the plot without spoiling a bit, however, every tiny bit of the dialogue is sex related and depravity is common sense here, and that's what it makes all hilarious because it turns a predictable movie into an enjoyable one by the difference in which the story moves around. It's just so fun to see James Franco (Fabious) playing the fierce heroic prince, and Danny McBride (Thadeous) a totally anti-heroic prince who just want to fool around, but yet seems more realistic than the Fabious. Credit must be given to the character of the warlock Leezar (Justin Theroux) by his ineptitude to understand destiny itself even if that is the conquering of the world, like if the bad guy in the movie felt too much pressure and wanted for a second a different future. So boring are fairy tales, in which no character can be bold to leave his intents and seek for other. 
Cherry on top of the cake was also the presence of Zooey Deschanel, I think she is weird (in a good sense) enough to make all a bit more interesting.
I enjoyed a lot but James Franco looked so stoned, really I'm not sure it was all from the character, was he training for the Oscars??? I guess anti-heroes are here to stay and are far more attractive than the heroes.
Amazing moment, when the warlocks and his evil mothers were eating this:
I just pitty people who don't understand the films for what they are and for what they pretend to be... I listened to this at the end of the film "And was for this that she won the Oscar?"
The film is not bad, it just another league entirely...and actors don't have (fortunately) to do only Oscar winning films or high prized or intellectual actor wants to experience, learn, and live the so may lives they can boring is to see an actor with the same attitude over and over, and you forget which movie you see, because he is always a gangster or always the bad-guy with those crazy eyes. 
Please people if you want to see a movie at least inform yourselves and go see something your brain can assimilate!!!

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