Wednesday, January 7

"The Guest" (2014) directed by Adam Wingard

The trailer promised something good but it didn’t touched me as it did apparently to other people. The premise for “The Guest” is the arrival of a stranger ex-military to a grieving family of a soldier dead in the line of duty, in which the guest appears to be acting accordingly to the dead soldier wishes. The majority of the family embraces him, but of course he is not what it seems. We can take that much from the trailer, except that in the overall the film is too violent for my taste in a way that it does not make much sense for me in the entire storyline. “Drive” was a pretty violent film but it made sense with all, and in “The guest” the storyline tries to confuse people with the good looks of Dan Stevens and some cheesy lines in a pretty basic and predictable ending. I confess this is not my favorite type of films but even so in my head I can remember a lot of better films that work better with the same degree of violence but definitely have a better story. Anyway I did enjoy the soundtrack which was appropriate and quite alternative.