Monday, April 25

Lars Von Trier "Melancholia" Trailer

On the edge all is put on perspective!!! It seems interesting!!!

Sunday, April 24

"Last night" by Massy Tadjedin

Last night is written and directed by the Iranian-American screenwriter whose debut film I'm about to discuss.
This picture is centred in a three-year married couple Joanna (Keira Knightley) and Michael Reed (Sam Worthington) whose life seems as normal as the next couple. All begins at a party in which Joanna finds herself jealousy of a bit of intimacy between her husband and a new employee his never mentioned - Laura (Eva Mendes). This spark of pure jealousy is motif of argument and the couple is strangled in distrust at first, and then as every other couple they move on, because they must trust each other. And well as it is said "you could be happy and still be tempted"...Laura is sexy and attractive... They are a young couple, they married young and probably evolved from the exact point when they started to be in love. Life changes us all but they say how much they still love each other. 
Michael goes on a business trip with Laura, meanwhile Joanna find a link to the past - Alex (Guillaume Canet). The premiss then is temptation, while Michael is getting into the web of Laura, Joanna is reliving a past once a present with Alex....actually it was never a past, since she realizes that she still nurtures feelings for him. In just one day the characters suffer a inner discovery. I guess there can be different types of love and different types of emotional detachments. We can see that although at the surface it seems the same, the inner core is so different. Joanna is an intense doubtful woman that dreamt of a different life but stayed with safe not with passionate; Alex is a wanderer, detached and free; Laura is a woman that goes after her feelings or emotions not sticking with rules; and Michael is a comfortable husband with not much inner ambition but as any other man get spiked by the spider, in a forbidden fruit sort of way.
In the end life is what it is...complicated...does it have to be?? 
I think not...but people try to accommodate herselfs and try to forget the unforgettable.
They try not to say anything, not to judge when they too have sins.  
But are they truly happy?? That was a question I posed myself while watching...
They do love each other ? I guess it's a too simple question for such a deep story. 
People are not certain of everything in there lifes, and sometimes choosing is not easy, but is frightening to see that they don't know themselves ... I guess we don't actually... Also interesting is the different point of view of cheating, woman and man have different ways that lead to different questions...The man is an instinctive animal who don't need so much emotion, but a woman even not being physical can have all the emotions and cheat all the same. The case here is that women have switches less animalesc than men and so it's not the physical the most important, in such a way, that she feels regret for what she have lost and regret for what she'd done. They both are condemned to be undiscovered again, happily contempt or to be whatever pathway is possible...

Well, it's a refreshing movie about human relations and Guillaume and Keira are very good in their respective roles.
Just a final note to the soundtrack which is good, so that I leave here one great song :)

"Game of Thrones" by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss (HBO)

Winter is coming, and this series, only with one episode has already had its renewal. Great news because it
 is a complex story and the first episode was indeed very good.
"Game of Thrones" is based on "A Song of Ice and Fire" - the book series of George R R Martin, which is not fully written yet. It has 4 books and the 5th is on its way (we sure hope for it) this July.
Geeks and Fans have been pestering about almost everywhere and everyone, because naturally a book is a book and who ever reads  imagines what he wants, I have my expections, as  or everyone else, except I'm not harrassing anyone of the cast or defaming them on the web. Shame on you really!

I was very expectant as to the first episode even though I tend to forget a little bit the plot of the books I read ( I have no huge card memory). I knew the most important...and amazingly the episode made me remember it all, it was all there, of course this or that character was not completely to my imagination but the episode was supreme in that way. The scenarios are very good and most of the actors seem to fit very well. We cannot forget that there are medieval times, with many fluids, treason, conspiracy, ambition for power, etc. (as you can imagine) and to get even more spicy.....some nasty creatures beyond the great wall of the Kingdom.
The plot is just in the beginning and I won't spoil anything nor give a report of every episode, I just wanted to state that it seems very well conducted, and if you like some fantasy, medieval drama and some "fun" altogether you should see it. It's worth it every minute.
The story it's too much complex to tell but believe me all houses will get on "fire" and Winter dear all... is definitely here to stay. :)

"Red" by Robert Schwentke (2010)

RED is a comic created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Cully Hamner. In 2010 it was turned into a movie with high quality actors. Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is a retired CIA (labeled as RED-retired and extremely dangerous) who strikes to have a normal life, a lonely man who spends enjoyable time flirting with the government pension processing  worker Sarah (Mary-Louis Parker) until one day he is targeted to kill. While unveiling the conspiracy he joins a team of old/retired agents: Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren).
The movie is very funny, between the strange relationship between Sarah and Frank, that now reveals itself as one of her heroes in her reading soap operas. Even more is Marvin, whose character is the typical schizophrenic paranoid type that suits him so well. Oh the pig is hilarious!!! It is a comedy no matter the shootings, but is so good to see elder people doing this type of movies, I'm a bit sick of seeing heroic photoshoped people...People don't have to be bedazzle to be effective and professional.
It's not a brilliant film, but it's a pity it passed under the curtains unnoticed by many...If you go see many comedys to relax you should include this one to your list. Not becaause it's extraordinary but it has a different tune and that's a nice thing to see. Gosh they must have had so much fun doing it :PPP

Frank Moses: Victoria is the best woman in the world with an RPN.
Sarah Ross: Oh, wow. Um, what's an RPN?
Victoria: [smiling] I kill people, dear.

Tuesday, April 19

"Source Code" by Duncan Jones

Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son) present us after the movie "Moon"(2009), another kind of Sci-Fi-thriller, the "Source Code". This movie is about an Afghanistan USA Captain who has 8 minutes to save the world. Well ever ending of 8 minutes. An attack has occurred in a commuter train heading to Chicago, and Cap Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) can access into the mind and body of the 8 last minutes of a passenger on that train. This 8 minutes are to be repeated until he identifies the bomb and the bomber, to prevent further attacks on Chicago's down town. His front passenger and "train friend" is Christine (Michelle Monaghan), an ordinary girl from whom Colter will have a crush (obviously). Between saving the world, understanding his role in all of this (his memoirs are somewhat fuzzed) and the crush on Christina, Colter has a lot of effort to make to finish his mission. Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) is her handler in all of this, and tries to helping him from the outside. 
This seems all to obvious, but yet intriguing, and when we see it we known something is wrong. Spoilers apart, the movie is a great entertainment, has a nice plot, though the end is arguable. Science geeks may see it inaccurate, but well this is Hollywood... no one really cares. Some ideas are interesting and I think that's what this movie is...interesting. Jake is proven himself to be all kind of genre guy, though his Bambi eyes are always there and Farmiga is always interesting to see on screen, with her always mysterious lines (even if they aren't), but felt so true by the spectator. 
In the turmoil of the hangover after the Oscar's great pictures (maybe not all so great, who cares right?) in which we see premiers of movies no one cares about this one is a catch. To enjoy and not to speculate.

Colter Stevens: What would you do if you knew you only had one minute to live?
Christina Warren : I'd make those seconds count.

I guess we all should make our seconds count :P enjoy

Sunday, April 17


(Debbie Miller's painting)

Envolvo-me nos meus braços,
numa casa que não é minha,
num sonho que não é meu,
numa vida que não é minha,
nuns braços que não são meus.
Procuro esses braços em alguém que não eu,
mas esse alguém não mos dá.
Procuramos sempre onde não é.
Somos sempre procurados por quem não somos.
O ciclo está errado,
procuramos onde queremos, mas não nos querem,
Devíamos ser procurados,
por quem procuramos.

Será que o ciclo está certo?
Afinal procuramos quem nos procura,
mas a palavra não é dita,
aprisiona-se na garganta,
no gesto que não se faz,
no rumo que não se toma.

A procura é sempre incerta,
quando o ser humano
procura o mal,
por ser procurado pelo bem.

Somos vítimas constantes da procura,
mas nós somos mais culpados,
somos nós que não damos
o primeiro passo,
o primeiro gesto,
a primeira palavra,
o rumo certo.

Porque o medo nos toma,
e gela o coração para a procura,
que afinal é a melhor coisa que nos pode acontecer na vida!

1999 - It once made sense, now I really don't know....

Friday, April 15

"London Boulevard" by William Monahan

William Monahan, winner of Best Adapted Screenplay for The Departed, tried to be 2 in 1 in this Londoner film. He is both director and screenwriter (adapted from Ken Bruen's novel). The casting is full of known stars and that should be a good way to start it. Keira Knightley interprets a harassed paparazzi star full of some mental disturbances, who is somewhat accompanied by a kind of a hippie David Thewlis. In the other hand, Colin Farrell is a criminal  out of jail who don't want his life back into gangsters (Ray Winston, the bad guy), but didn't loose his touch to it. Destinies intertwined and voilá he is her private security man. He is the perfect man for the job, he has the fame, the touch, all that can lead an actress in distress to temptation, in a way of finding herself again. 
We see too little of Keira, all is about Colin's character, and then the movie is about shoot and kill , but doesn't have the depth and brilliance of The Departed...There's something missing and in the end all we can think of, is oh my god, the world is not safe, and they're like weeds, one head down, 1000 more still growing to be just like that one. Guess that's why super heroes were born...people are so imperfect.
One thing that is a bonus is the soundtrack, I just loved listen to this one :P Trailer at .