Sunday, April 24

"Red" by Robert Schwentke (2010)

RED is a comic created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Cully Hamner. In 2010 it was turned into a movie with high quality actors. Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is a retired CIA (labeled as RED-retired and extremely dangerous) who strikes to have a normal life, a lonely man who spends enjoyable time flirting with the government pension processing  worker Sarah (Mary-Louis Parker) until one day he is targeted to kill. While unveiling the conspiracy he joins a team of old/retired agents: Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren).
The movie is very funny, between the strange relationship between Sarah and Frank, that now reveals itself as one of her heroes in her reading soap operas. Even more is Marvin, whose character is the typical schizophrenic paranoid type that suits him so well. Oh the pig is hilarious!!! It is a comedy no matter the shootings, but is so good to see elder people doing this type of movies, I'm a bit sick of seeing heroic photoshoped people...People don't have to be bedazzle to be effective and professional.
It's not a brilliant film, but it's a pity it passed under the curtains unnoticed by many...If you go see many comedys to relax you should include this one to your list. Not becaause it's extraordinary but it has a different tune and that's a nice thing to see. Gosh they must have had so much fun doing it :PPP

Frank Moses: Victoria is the best woman in the world with an RPN.
Sarah Ross: Oh, wow. Um, what's an RPN?
Victoria: [smiling] I kill people, dear.

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