Friday, April 15

"London Boulevard" by William Monahan

William Monahan, winner of Best Adapted Screenplay for The Departed, tried to be 2 in 1 in this Londoner film. He is both director and screenwriter (adapted from Ken Bruen's novel). The casting is full of known stars and that should be a good way to start it. Keira Knightley interprets a harassed paparazzi star full of some mental disturbances, who is somewhat accompanied by a kind of a hippie David Thewlis. In the other hand, Colin Farrell is a criminal  out of jail who don't want his life back into gangsters (Ray Winston, the bad guy), but didn't loose his touch to it. Destinies intertwined and voilá he is her private security man. He is the perfect man for the job, he has the fame, the touch, all that can lead an actress in distress to temptation, in a way of finding herself again. 
We see too little of Keira, all is about Colin's character, and then the movie is about shoot and kill , but doesn't have the depth and brilliance of The Departed...There's something missing and in the end all we can think of, is oh my god, the world is not safe, and they're like weeds, one head down, 1000 more still growing to be just like that one. Guess that's why super heroes were born...people are so imperfect.
One thing that is a bonus is the soundtrack, I just loved listen to this one :P Trailer at .

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