Tuesday, March 29

"Morning Glory" by Roger Michell

"Morning Glory" is brought to screen by the director of the comedy romance of the 90's, Notting Hill. That is a bad thing because we expect something of the same calibre. In fact that's not so, but in so many levels it's unpretentious and in the end is a very nice movie, a bit refreshing and aims at what it gets, no more no less.
The story is about an aspiring producer named Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams), workaholic to the utmost, who after being let go by a TV station tries to get a new job. She manages to get one, but at a high cost and lower payment... she has to raise the audiences of the worst show of the mornings-DayBreak. Not an easy task, worst even when the co-host of the programme is a pretentious stubborn awarded journalist, named Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), who makes Becky's life a living hell, and who despise the other co-host Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton), for her lack of professional integrity. The story in itself doesn't seem special, but it's very interesting to see how these shows are made, and how it's all about selling the soul to the devil, according to the audience. How exasperating can this be, how a sharp mind has to tune all in. There's never a place to educate, but to entertain, otherwise people move the channel to a more sensational story. All is dealt very well by the good bunch of actors present, and McAdams gives a nice performance. Ford is somewhat strange in the role, it seemed to be a bit too much effort to be disagreeable, but that's me. Keaton makes it nice, but is a little bit tossed away by the other actors, who put her in the shadow, but is a good asset altogether. I enjoyed very much seeing it, I laughed and smiled and in the end it was competent enough to not be just one more movie of the genre. Memories fade, and this movie will fade eventually too, but once remembered it will be nice and not just "Oh what was about?".

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