Monday, March 14

"Winter's Bone" by Debra Granik

"Winter's Bone" brings us a strange story, probably, because it is a "No Man's land" scenario. Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) is a 17-old girl in charge of her entire family (two brother + mother), after her father s disappearing. Her mother is in an almost catatonic state and useless to any family management.  In fact, all goes hard for this family, with little to eat and few prospects, living somewhere in Missouri, in the Ozark Mountains. It gets worse when they might loose their property, if her father doesn't appear in court.  In fact, that's the task she forces herself to do, find her father's whereabouts because they can't loose the only thing they have. Unfortunately that's no easy task, even if her uncle (John Hawkes) helps a bit. The movie, with almost no soundtrack at all, comes from somewhere very dark and it's hard to understand how things are so tangled, except the visible suffering, and the "Mafia" style of the deepness of  "No man's land" called America.  Though its awkwardness, it has been very well accepted by the public and critics, with four nomination to the Oscars, including best actress (Jennifer Lawrence), best supporting actor (John Hawkes), best picture and best adapted screenplay. I may say that the actors are good and it was no easy task incarnating those characters, some scenes are indeed very raw. It's not a bad story but it didn't flick a switch for went more in the bizarre, which is not my area of preference, but it is important that films like these demonstrate reality or fiction in different light and shades than usual. 
If you liked the girl, we will see her in "The Beaver" and in the next "X-Men-First Class" as Mystique.
Simplicity and hardship comes here in this quote:
Sonny: Maybe they'll share some of that with us.
Ree: That could be.
Sonny: Maybe we should ask.
Ree: Never ask for what oughta be offered. 



Uruk Riot said...

Winter's bone? Really?

Tzipporah said...

yes, it's literally that...if you saw it you would see sense in it:P