Tuesday, July 15

Kung Fu Panda by Mark Osborne and John Stevenson

Sure Asia is in upheavel!!!The Olympics are coming and don't forget to see this movie....it rocks :))) really... it's very funny...who doesn't want to be a hero even if it's round and chubby :P

Lost! by Coldplay

The music in my head

Tales of the Otori by Lian Hearn

Lian Hearn, the pseudonym of Gillian Margaret Hanson, brings us to feudal Japan with its clans and feudal lords, in a conspirational/political influence story.
The book tells us the story of Takeo, a young boy whose tragic death family by the hands of Iida, the powering evil lord, brings him to the hands of Shigeru. Shigeru, a member of the clan Otori, makes him his son and teaches him the things he never learned. Needless to say that Shigeru is enemy of Iida and so a lot of conspiration is between them. But Takeo is not just a simple boy...he has more on his sleeves.
Somewhere on a castle being prisoner is Kaede the lady of this story...but no plain lady I assure you.
I'm currently on the second book, of a total of 3+1, and the story is captivating, besides it's in an epoque of such heroicity and honour...of mighty swords and unforgettable battles...and also of unbearable love.
Excellent book to refresh our minds adn to enjoy page by page.