Sunday, April 24

"Game of Thrones" by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss (HBO)

Winter is coming, and this series, only with one episode has already had its renewal. Great news because it
 is a complex story and the first episode was indeed very good.
"Game of Thrones" is based on "A Song of Ice and Fire" - the book series of George R R Martin, which is not fully written yet. It has 4 books and the 5th is on its way (we sure hope for it) this July.
Geeks and Fans have been pestering about almost everywhere and everyone, because naturally a book is a book and who ever reads  imagines what he wants, I have my expections, as  or everyone else, except I'm not harrassing anyone of the cast or defaming them on the web. Shame on you really!

I was very expectant as to the first episode even though I tend to forget a little bit the plot of the books I read ( I have no huge card memory). I knew the most important...and amazingly the episode made me remember it all, it was all there, of course this or that character was not completely to my imagination but the episode was supreme in that way. The scenarios are very good and most of the actors seem to fit very well. We cannot forget that there are medieval times, with many fluids, treason, conspiracy, ambition for power, etc. (as you can imagine) and to get even more spicy.....some nasty creatures beyond the great wall of the Kingdom.
The plot is just in the beginning and I won't spoil anything nor give a report of every episode, I just wanted to state that it seems very well conducted, and if you like some fantasy, medieval drama and some "fun" altogether you should see it. It's worth it every minute.
The story it's too much complex to tell but believe me all houses will get on "fire" and Winter dear all... is definitely here to stay. :)

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