Monday, May 23

"The Lincoln Lawyer" by Brad Furman

In 2005, Michael Connelly wrote his 16th crime novel "The Lincoln Lawyer" and 6 years later is adapted to the screen. This was the first book of the Michael Haller series, with this LA attorney which is Harry Bosch's half-brother, a character who has its own series since 1992  in the writer's world of fiction. The title is based upon the fact that his office is pretty much his car, a Lincoln car. This is no normal lawyer of course, a little anti-heroic type, yet compelling to follow closely. The story is based upon a conviction of aggravated assault on a hooker by Louis Roulet, a young and rich man. Haller presents himself as the attorney,  without scrupulous, being very good at what he does, but yet there is a sense of pure justice in him, to never to convict an innocent man, to give the benefit of a doubt. He can defends criminals all the time but never put someone innocent on jail. But this case is different the doubt persists is this guy innocent or guilty?? Between manipulation and good plot, the events go pretty well and I'm amazed at Matthew McConaughey, he enters the role pretty well and gives to the character what it takes. I've read a novel by Michael Connelly and couldn't stop reading until the end, so I knew the plot would be nice to be put on screen but I had no former expectations, and in the end I felt pleased, I felt justice :) Supporting roles were given to Marisa Tomei (his ex-wife and DA attorney), William H Macy (his private investigator) and Ryan Phillippe (the defendant).

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