Friday, December 2

"A dangerous method" by David Cronenberg

"A dangerous method" bring us with a beautiful soundtrack the story of Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley), a young perturbed mind to the hands of Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) in a psychiatric hospital. Jung pretends to treat her with psychoanalysis, the movement Freud (Viggo Mortensen) initiated as a theory, believing also that repression of sexual nature are of utmost importance when treating and perceiving mental problems. Sabina appears grotesque before the audience, don't really know if she exaggerated in her performance, because it went a bit out of boundaries at first, yet demonstrated that a mind by itself cannot impede obscurity and devious behaviors that nowadays doesn't frighten us but we are in a different age altogether. Jung while tries to cure Miss Spierlrein, also form a tight relationship with the great Freud, as his pupil, yet their beliefs at the end diverge on the matter that Jung believes that there is more to it than just sexual behavior. However, as a kind of atonement he goes through that pathway without realizing it. Despite quarrels between Jung and Freud, Sabina maintains her life steady despite her excitement with sadomasochism treatment. She is so devoted because of her "disease" that she enrolls in medicine and psychiatry, later moving herself to Russia (her origin), where she is killed in the WWII by the nazis. Freud being a jew is exiled to London, where dies of cancer (83 year-old), while Jung lives to his 85th birthday installing the analytical psychology.
In the end we have a film with a really beautiful scenario between Austria and Switzerland, a cold Jung, an introspective Freud and a less deprived Sabina, a woman that despite her peculiarities changes her world and the ones around her, her strength is admirable in such an époque! Good job cast, though I'm not sure if the grotesque was not pretty near the ridicule.
A film to enjoy indeed! There is no black and white in the human mind and behaviour!

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