Friday, March 2

Onde day (2011) by Lone Scherfig

"One day" is wrote to the screen by its author David Nicholls, in which it tells us a story of two people over 20 years. The story is told every year on the 15th July, the same day their relationship started back in 1988, when they graduated in Edinburgh. 
Emma and Dexter couldn't be more different, he comes from a healthy family whereas she comes from a worker one. Dexter is the typical playboy doing what he wants, aspiring nothing except his insatiably appetite for women and fun, sometimes to an extreme. Emma on the other hand wants to do something important with her life, maybe become a writer, but unfortunately life is hard and she starts waitressing in a taco place while Dexter is finding himself through the world. The fact is that they grow together, they keep up through the years like two different paths that need each other to survive. Dexter gives spontaneity to Emma while Emma gives him some humanity.
In the end life happens with its ups and downfalls! 
Bringing it to screen was not easy ... it was necessary to ensure the characters were well portrayed but in the end  the effort was reasonable. Jim Sturgess makes a better Dex than Anne Hathaway as Emma. In the end it still lacks a little insight into the characters. Dexter is the better characterized because of its tendency to destruction and the script lacks a better insight into their lives at some point or another, where to the viewer  their lives may appear so light. Nevertheless is a touching story and makes us think that destiny is real!!


Uruk Riot said...

Please be advised, mean comment in coming: Off course, the plot is quite predictable, I would really like to watch a movie where he is poor and she is rich... Oh wait! There is one, The Lady and the Tramp... I wonder why it is a cartoon movie... Hum... :)

SL said...

I know I know but in the overall, at least in the book the story is quite moving.