Tuesday, March 6

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011) by Stephen Daldry

In the melodramatic tone "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" wins all! It's what causes people to have adverse reactions to this film, because if you don't be involved with the pain and anguish you just see a non-fitting kid searching the impossible in a surreal family, where rules seem absent. I  was part of the ones who did get involved and saw through the kid something of myself, the need for understanding, the explanation for all life issues and the quest for the truth.
This film is adapted from a novel from Jonathan Safran Foer where a very smart kid with non-social skills lost his anchor to the real world, his father, in the 9/11. His mother doesn't understands him, he doesn't understand what happens, and the finding of an enigmatic key on his father belongings turns into the cathartic moment he needs for his path of self-discovery.
Thomas Horn, the actor that plays Oskar has a tremendous performance, he fits perfectly well in such a damaged and special kid, he turns words into perfectly endearing scenes. Max von Sydow, nominated this year for his role as "the renter" keeps the film in the necessary pace, balancing the drama in a unique way, limiting the overacting, the over drama and so on...It's fantastic to see an actor even without speaking being so expressive!!!
In the overall I think that the father-son relationship is so unlikely to be real, I know it turns his father into a god increasing the climax and giving his father a greater purpose in the kid's life and a profound general loss by his death. Oskar is very special and so parents should also be to keep to his level, but even so... for once the freedom he has in New York City it's hard to believe...and damn his father knows too much right??  Anyway a loss of a father is always deep enough no matter how brilliant or interactive he was, but in the end it does gives a better story line turning equally the film greater too.

 "If things were easy to find, they wouldn't be worth finding. "

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