Wednesday, March 21

Beginners (2010) by Mike Mills

Life is crazy right? Isn't that awesome sometimes?? Isn't that dreadful all the time?
"Beginners" is crazy and real and life all over it. Life is definitely not simple, nor the perspectives we have of our past and future, and yet in all the sadness we can find some great happiness and peace.
This film tells us a story about Oliver (Ewan McGregor) a kid who grew with a somewhat pair of estranged parents who are forced to live a life of unconnected love and Oliver fears he will fall into his parents routine of a long life of sadness. And yet doing the opposite he falls into the same sadness himself... 
His mother dies and in that moment his father Hal (Christopher Plummer) opens up to the world revealing that in fact he was gay all along. In the overall it's not such a shock and is beautifully accepted by his son, while he watches Hal changing into someone who sees life worth living and specially with no regrets. Here Oliver ponders in his own life and the contrast is majestically distinguished. But, life is a pain in the ass..and so Hal finds he has cancer...The way both react through that point continues their divergence on how life must be lived, with such a caring son and a father who wants to live to his last second. Christopher Plummer's acting was so good he even won several prizes including Best Actor in the Oscars. I can't say he was no good but I fancied other nominee :P 
Well, meanwhile he dies and Oliver is left in a mist of a deep deep depression until he founds the most strange girl... that turn his world upside down, showing him that even in sadness there is more to life, even in the most wrecked life hope is still possible if we try.
Ewan McGregor was very good in his role as was Mélanie Laurent (Anna), giving a great support to the story and uplifting the cancer old gay guy story to other impacts on life and that definitely we are not alone and everything affect us like in a domino chain reaction and we must be electrified by life to step up. 
All in all is a beautiful tender movie with a bit of romance, it's funny and has canine insight! Delightful :)


Uruk Riot said...

Por acaso já tava curioso para ver esse... Agora tenho a certeza que é bom :)

SL said...

:) vamos ter de resolver isso :P