Wednesday, March 14

Something Borrowed (2011) by Luke Greenfield

Comedy, romance...I think it's the worst  film category ever...not only they fall into the same story line over and over, the same living happily ever after ending. Films can be nice and warming but in the end they all fall alike. "Something Borrowed" unfortunately is no different, not only the acting is mediocre, as is so predictable. Two things stand out in this film: the scenery in Southampton and John Krasinski, the only actor who is worth watching, and who does make some sense in the film. In the end I was so relieved to stop hearing Kate Hudson character and seeing Ginnifer's Bambi least we had "Stupid Crazy Love" this year :) I loved seeing Kate in Nine, why come she only does this kind of movies??? She's not coming any younger, and honestly I think she has it in's a waste...

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