Friday, March 16

Moneyball (2011) by Bennett Miller

Academy nominated for Best Picture, "Moneyball" is a biopic of Oakland Athletics' general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) and how he has revolutionized baseball against all odds, using a mathematical algorithm with Peter Brand's help (Jonah Hill). I'm not a fan of baseball, nor I understand that running through bases and I think I know which is a home run (do I?). I think that's an important prerequisite to see this film because I found totally dull and long. The characters fall right into the place, Brad Pitt is ok I guess but....I didn't fall for the  story, didn't feel a connection or admiration..nope... nothing. For me it was an ok movie, certainly not in my ten best films of 2011 (sorry baseball fans) and I didn't understood why Brad and particularly Jonah were nominated, I'm sorry Bad Pitt isn't that good (this film sure isn't), and what the heck ? seriously ?? why he has to be eating all the time?
The Brad of "Fight Club" is nowhere to be found!

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