Saturday, July 23

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" by David Yates

I  cannot begin to write words because I am speechless...not because of the film... the one where it all definitely is breathless because I am breathless. The film is definitely powerful!!! It is full of emotions, rewrites history in a way only J K Rowling knew how to do it. The final battle is tough, is war, but it is also endearing, and caring and full of love, and above all of matter how our fate is written we have always a say in that. We are above sayings and  ideas of prejudice, we are above ourselves and we can amaze even our soul by upbringing the forces we never knew we had. How comforting it is to know that truth and good and evil is not so straightforward as one might think. I became breathless not because of the film but because I couldn't care less for the special effects or performances, though there were great ones like Alan Rickman, Michael Gambon, and even the little ones....I was just becoming sad every second until the end because my youth vanished.... I read every book from 1998 until the last one was published in 2007, 9 years of reading, and 10 years of movies...and all ended this july....

I loved it and that's the best review I can make...I did not cry out but I cried inside from all the lost it brings, for all the joy, for all the moments of anguish and excitement, of living in a special world in those pages/frames...There won't be a substitute for this for I lived this through my growth and that something that I won't forget and will be with me forever.

I cannot say much more, but though my heart is full of sorrow and nostalgy, it endures and smile for such a nice past.

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