Sunday, June 26

"The Eagle" by Kevin Macdonald

Kevin MacDonald, well known for "The Last King of Scotland", brought us an historic film about the loss of the ninth legion and with so their banner and the honour of Rome.
For the archives, the ninth eagle was lost by the father of Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum), and for that reason son seeks to clean his father name by employing a journey to rescue the eagle, even if he does not know where it is, perhaps at north very north of Adrian's wall.The journey is only possible with the help of his Briton slave Esca (Jamie Bell, very good in his role) who knows the terrain and the language of the people behind the wall namely the Picts, which are very nicely portrayed in terms of make-up and wardrobe.
The scenes of battle are very quick so I don't know if they look very convincing but the scenery (landscapes, mountains and rivers), and the companionship between the two is admirable. More so doing a film without a love triangle. Friendship though in opposite sides appears, and honour, bravery and camaraderie is the unit of the film. Two strangers bound to the same faith. Beautiful though not very thrilling.

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