Sunday, June 26

"X-Men: First Class" by Matthew Vaughn

Mattew Vaughn known as the director of the recent fuzz "Kick-Ass", and also of "Stardust" had the honour to direct a prequel to all X-Men films made by now. I say this film is fundamental to truly understand everything about Professor X vs Magneto. I've always liked this Marvel Comics characters but never followed, so I knew very little before visualising the film. The story begins telling  Erik Lehnsherr's story (later called Magneto) and then we are back to the 60's and understanding how the so called mutants begun to have public action, intermediated by an agent of the CIA. It so interesting to see that they are mangled with real historical events. A school is created by Charles Xavier who is a geneticist as a result of his interest in his own mutation. Xavier is portrayed by Charles McAvoy beautifully, we seed a jolly good fellow, a young man with normal behaviour attending school and drinking in the pubs, living a real life. He never intended to use his gift to harm humankind but he never was exposed by his mutation, on the contrary Raven (later called Mystique) had to deal with her appearance in the same way a teenager as to deal with their hormonal and bodily changes, but they remained good friends even though. So mutants feared to be exposed and were ashamed or seeked revenge. It's on seeking extinction of the non-mutants that a guy named Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) appears at the scene trying to have a WWIII by manipulation of Russia's and USA's missiles. It's here the young mutants go into battle to try to stop that. 
This is the general plot but the main important thing is Magneto life's story and how he became so close to Xavier, forming a bond that later, even being enemies, there's some part of them that are always meant to be together. It's no mystery that Xavier preferred to stayed at the humans side because he believed in the best of people. And I guess that's the characteristic we have always enjoyed about him, though sometimes hurt his faith and perseverance is undeniable.  
The film has everything to be liked, excellent actor, McAvoy and Fassbender are at the top (is there any language  he doesn't speak?) but all the cast is very well chosen and the story is very credible like it could really had been so...And all the answers are there, tender moments, doubt moments, moments that changed all X-Men history and more important that shaped Xavier as he is "today" with his school with all his students, even if Magneto left him because his suffering cannot let him go. If Magneto is what he is, he owns that do Xavier and that's why they'll never be apart.
I enjoyed so much the movie, but I don't have the background to keep telling nice stuff.

I just loved it:P

"Professor Charles Xavier: Listen to me very carefully, my friend: Killing will not bring you peace.
Erik Lehnsherr: Peace was never an option. "

"Erik Lehnsherr: This is what they wanted, for us to turn against each other. I tried to warn you.
[turns to Moira]
Erik Lehnsherr: You did this.
Professor Charles Xavier: No Erik, you did.
Erik Lehnsherr: I want you by my side. We're brothers, all of us. We want the same thing.
Professor Charles Xavier: Oh my friend, we do not" 

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