Wednesday, February 23

"True Grit" by Ethan and Joel Coen

The Coen brothers present us this year with an atypical western based on the 1968 novel of Charles Portis, already transformed to the screen in 1969 (Henry Hathaway) featuring John Wayne. However this 2010 movie is more close to the novel and is indeed well adapted that received several nominations for its adapted screenplay. The story tells nothing more than an avenger's pursuit for payback. It seems trivial, however this avenger is no more than a 14 year-old girl avenging his father death . The film and novel are both narrated by her, (Mattie Ross) so its her point of view, so clear, so innocent but so incisive and determining. She's a resolute girl that seems to have now the command of her family and so made up her plan to hire someone to help her bring Tom Chaney (the assassin performed by Josh Brolin) to justice. She eventually have the help of US Marshall Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) and Texas Ranger LaBoeuf (Matt Damon) and they part in pursuit over the Choctaw Nation, a nice place for the bandits hide-out. This is no common Western, there is indeed shooting , accents, wild wild west scenarios, some indians but that's just the beauty of it because the storyline could be in any decade...because it's Mattie's story, it's her determination, it's her sense of justice and ultimately the bondage that she creates with those rude and strange men pursuing money rewards. Affection can come in strange ways...and in the end although her lack of age and experience she gives a lesson to all of us.
Mattie is performed by Hailee Steinfeld and her acting is indeed to applause and it didn't pass unnoticed since she already had many nominations and in the 27th this month she'll be in the Oscars with her Best supporting actress nomination although she should be nominated in the Best Actress category since she is the principal character. Anyway she is well accompanied by Jeff and Matt, it was a great casting and Jeff Bridges is just so great and it seems to come so natural to him. Matt has proven to be able to do various types of characters and continues to do so. I just have to give a final praise to the Coen brothers, they are very good and I loved the cinematography, it was just like I imagined it when reading the novel. Many of you who don't seem to relate to this movie because you think the story it's pretty basic, go and see it, it's a must see, doesn't have the grandeur or the big drama of movies that everyone is talking about, but in the end it fill your spirit and it's even humorous. No wonder has 10 Oscar nominations.

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